Preventative Techniques

Systematic, preventative dental care from Ivy Lane Dentistry helps to keep your teeth and body healthy, so that you retain your natural teeth well into an older age.

  • We provide personalized prevention regimens such as prescription strength toothpaste, sealants and appliances.
  • We recommend twice-yearly dental check-ups and professional cleanings for optimal oral health.
  • Please do not wait for symptoms to occur before having a check-up as early cavities or gum disease usually has no symptoms at all.
  • Professional cleaning removes plaque build-up that even the most careful brushing and flossing leave behind.

We suggest fluoride varnish for patients with high decay rate. A type of fluoride applied after dental cleanings, it helps strengthen teeth and prevent decay.

  • Sealants can be helpful for any age patient. By filling in narrow grooves in a tooth, such as in the back molars, sealants can prevent decay that can lead to cavities.

Do you grind your teeth at night?

You may not know if you do but your dentist can easily spot the problem. A night guard is a simple and effective way to prevent this very common and destructive problem as habitual nighttime grinding can age and disfigure teeth, wearing the enamel and causing breakage and decay.