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Understanding Periodontal Disease

As dedicated members of Ivy Lane Dentistry in San Antonio, we’ve encountered numerous cases of periodontal disease, a condition that not only affects oral health but can have implications on one’s overall wellbeing. Periodontal disease, commonly referred to as gum disease, is characterized by the inflammation and infection of the gums and bone that support the teeth. If not addressed timely, it can lead to tooth loss and has been linked to other health complications.

Treatment Options

Fortunately, with advancements in dental care, there are various treatment options available to tackle periodontal disease effectively. Our approach at Ivy Lane Dentistry is to first assess the severity of the condition and then recommend a treatment plan tailored to the specific needs of our patients.

Scaling and Root Planing

This non-surgical procedure involves deep cleaning below the gumline, removing plaque and tartar from the root surfaces. It is often the first step in treating gum disease and can be remarkably effective in halting the progress of the condition.

Gum Surgery

In more advanced cases, surgery may be necessary to restore diseased tissues. Procedures such as flap surgery or bone grafting help reduce pockets and regenerate bone, respectively.

Laser Therapy for Gum Disease

At Ivy Lane Dentistry, we’re proud to offer laser therapy as a minimally invasive option to treat periodontal disease. Laser therapy reduces bacteria and promotes gum tissue regeneration with less discomfort and faster healing times compared to traditional methods.

Gum Disease Symptoms

Early detection of gum disease is critical for effective treatment. Common symptoms include swollen or bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, tooth sensitivity, and receding gums. We urge anyone experiencing these symptoms to seek professional evaluation promptly.

Choosing a Periodontist in San Antonio

When faced with periodontal disease, selecting the right specialist is paramount. As a periodontist with decades of experience, Dr. Matthew Westerberg, DDS, at Ivy Lane Dentistry, combines a family-legacy of dentistry with the latest in technology to provide outstanding care in treating gum disease.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene

Preventing gum disease begins with diligent oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing, combined with professional dental cleanings, play a crucial role in maintaining gum health. We provide personalized guidance on effective home care practices to help our patients protect their oral health.

Preventing Gum Disease

Prevention is always better than cure. Alongside maintaining good oral hygiene, lifestyle choices such as a balanced diet and avoiding tobacco products can significantly reduce the risk of developing periodontal disease. Regular dental check-ups enable early detection and intervention, preventing the progression of gum disease.

Maintenance After Periodontal Treatment

Following treatment for periodontal disease, ongoing maintenance is essential to prevent recurrence. This includes regular visits to our clinic for professional cleanings and examinations, along with adherence to a rigorous home care routine. Our team at Ivy Lane Dentistry provides continuous support and education to ensure our patients enjoy the benefits of healthy gums and teeth for years to come.

At Ivy Lane Dentistry, located in the heart of San Antonio, we’re committed to providing comprehensive care with a personal touch. Our mission is to treat every patient like family, offering the best in periodontal treatment and preventive care. Through a combination of advanced technology, extensive expertise, and a compassionate approach, we aim to improve the oral and overall health of our community. If you’re experiencing signs of gum disease or seeking to maintain optimal oral health, we welcome you to join our family of satisfied patients.

Periodontal Treatment San Antonio

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