Good Eats for Good Teeth

Good Eats for Good Teeth

Everyone likes to enjoy a variety of flavorful food, a savory snack or even that morning (or afternoon!) coffee. Time and again, we’re told that proper nutrition and balanced food choices not only help to keep your body performing its best, but did you also know that what you eat and drink directly impacts your dental health?

One of our goals at Ivy Lane Dentistry is to provide you with the knowledge to keep your mouth and teeth in their best shape.

Did you know that sugary and sticky foods linger on teeth and can promote plaque and tooth decay? Even hard candy and chewing on ice cubes can chip a tooth or cause erosion of the enamel. Starch in snacks like potato chips and crackers, turns into sugar that can cause cavities in teeth. Soda is double trouble because it contains not only sugar, but also acid that can harm tooth enamel.

So what can you do? One simple step is to choose alternatives to help you maintain a healthy mouth.

Instead of:

  • Potato chips, try munching on celery sticks, broccoli or cucumbers
  • Soda, try drinking more water
  • Chewing on ice cubes, try sucking on ice without biting it
  • Snacking on dried fruit, try slices of whole fruits
  • Sports drinks, drink more water!
  • Hard candy or mints, try a stick of sugarless gum

Lastly, it’s best to brush after meals, but we know that’s not always possible. Until you can get to your toothbrush, simply rinsing out your mouth with plain water can remove food particles from gums and teeth, and help to maintain good oral health.