Orthodontics in San Antonio

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Orthodontics in San Antonio

San Antonio orthodontic office

Orthodontist in San Antonio

No matter what your age there is no reason to live with the embarrassment of crooked teeth or an uneven bite. Our orthodontics in San Antonio can help make your teeth and your smile stunning. Ivy Lane Dentistry has been offering orthodontic services in San Antonio for 18 years with a team of caring doctors, hygienists and assistants that pay special attention to our orthodontic patients no matter what age they are. While orthodontics was once primarily geared towards the needs of children and adolescents our practice has seen a great interest in these services among adults as well.

Our office in San Antonio Believes that children should be screened early for possible orthodontic problems, probably by age seven, before the bulk of their permanent teeth emerge. Children usually experience crowding where emerging teeth are too big for the child’s mouth arch. In the past the remedy usually included the extraction of some teeth. Our practice would rather start the orthodontic process earlier while the child’s jaw is still developing and let this natural development help in making room for all the teeth by using appliances to guide the jaw’s development. Later in the process our practice will usually include braces. Today’s braces aren’t necessarily a mass of silver wires; our office offers children choices of colored wires, invisible brackets and clear braces. This allows our young patients to personalize their braces, which makes them feel less self-conscious.

Adults will find special services geared to them at our orthodontics in San Antonio. Most adults prefer not to have any braces showing at all. For them we offer either the latest in invisible bracket systems or the Invisalign system. The Invisalign system does not use any brackets or wires connected to the teeth, either at the front or back. Instead Invisalign utilizes a series of clear plastic trays (aligners) that gently push the teeth in the desired direction. Each tray is worn for two weeks or more and then gives way to the next in the series. The user can take out the aligners at any time for eating or tooth cleaning. Our dentist will recommend the perfect orthodontic treatment for you and your children, so make an appointment with our office to see if you are a candidate for our orthodontic services.

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