Dr Westerberg DDS

There has never been a better time to explore your options in orthodontics. Dr. Westerberg brings over twenty years’ experience to helping patients of every age to achieve a healthy bite and attractive smile. Matt can recommend the optimal course of treatment from the best of today’s effective orthodontics options. And, Ivy Lane Dentistry offer several flexible payment plans to help make this key, life-changing treatment fit family budgets.

Orthodontics in Children: The Benefits of Early Intervention
The most common need for braces (orthodontics) is crowding – when emerging adult teeth are too big for child’s arch. In the past, the first step of orthodontics was extraction of some permanent teeth to make room for the rest. New methods of treatment start much earlier, and work with nature. Pre-teen bodies grow rapidly, including the jaw bones. Working first with simple appliances, similar to retainers, we guide the growth of the jaw as the child grows. This technique – providing space for all the teeth to come in naturally – lessens the need for extractions, and can improve the final outcome and stability. Later, as the child progresses into braces, we offer invisible bracket systems – clear braces – that young patients can personalize with brightly colored wires. And, Ivy Lane Dentistry knows kids. We know it’s not always easy having braces, so we do everything we can to make young patients comfortable.

Adult Orthodontics
Orthodontics may be recommended for adults to address health issues. For example, crowding, or severe malocclusion (when teeth don’t meet properly, top to bottom), which can cause gum problems. But, maybe you’re just interested in flashing a confident smile at your class reunion – correcting gapped, crooked, or crowded teeth. Either way, it’s a great time to check out your options: either a next-generation invisible bracket system, or the Invisalign(r) system.

Invisalign(r) is a popular “braceless” straightening system which uses clear aligners (snap-on trays) to move teeth into alignment. Adult patients often opt for this system for the relative comfort, flexibility and aesthetics, however traditional brackets may still be recommended for a better outcome or faster results in some cases. Visit Invisalign’s website for more details at Invisalign