Cosmetic Dentistry

Terri with patient

Self-conscious about your smile? We can help restore the confidence that comes with knowing your teeth look their best, whether for business, public speaking, or just being close to those you love.

We get special satisfaction in working with adult patients to achieve their brightest, most confident smile. From routine options like white fillings, to popular whitening gel trays, to permanent bonding and veneer systems – there is an option to suit almost every cosmetic challenge and budget.

We offer dental cosmetic treatment specials from time to time, the perfect opportunity to explore the exciting possibilities of cosmetic dentistry to achieve your best smile. Check here to see current offers.


White Fillings
Tooth-colored fillings are recommended to fill new cavities or to replace old metal fillings that are unattractive or breaking down. They are matched to your existing tooth color to create a natural appearance, and are less invasive than metal fillings because they are chemically bonded to the tooth surface.

Custom Whitening Trays
Cost-effective and safe for enamel, whitening trays are the most popular option for removing stains from teeth. Whitening trays are made from an exact model of the patient’s teeth. A professional grade gel is used with the trays for optimal results.

Dental Bonding (tooth-colored filling material)
Are looking for a huge improvement in your smile, with minimal investment of time and money? Dental bonding may be your best choice. Bonding can make a very noticeable improvement in only one appointment. This technique is especially effective for closing unsightly gaps, and for replacing old metal fillings.

Tooth Veneers
If the discoloration and position of your teeth is too extreme to be improved with dental bonding, then next level of care is the placement of dental veneers (sometimes called laminates). Even though these restorations are small wafer-thin shells they can correct fairly large defects. Gray color, chips, rotations, minor crowding, and gaps can all be dramatically improved with veneers. The best part is that they can be customized to blend seamlessly into your smile, correcting the flaws in your natural teeth and giving you a smile you love.

Are you ready for your close-up? Lumineers(r) can give you that red carpet smile! A porcelain veneer system, this popular method requires no removal of tooth material, and corrects for yellowing, chipping, gaps, and stains in teeth. For best results, a set of at least four to six veneers should be applied.

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