Dentist in San Antonio

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Dentist in San Antonio

Oral Exams in San Antonio

Dentist in San Antonio

Dentist in San Antonio

Dental care is a partnership between a dental practice and the patient both of which have to be in synch with what their mutual goals are for the individual patient and how best to achieve those goals. Our dentist in San Antonio, Ivy Lane Dentistry works with all their patients to preserve, protect and enhance their oral health and thereby increasing the health of the patient’s whole body through a program of good preventative dental care and through restorative services whenever necessary. Our doctors have the training and experience to treat most of the dental needs of our patients through our state-of-the-art facilities that have the latest dental equipment and technology.

There are two partners in our dentist in San Antonio’s preventative program. The first partner is our patient who is responsible for the daily tooth and gum maintenance through a vigorous program of brushing, flossing and using dental rinses, as well as coming into the office for regular checkups and cleanings and whenever something feels wrong. Our practice is the other partner in the preventative process. We offer regular checkup examinations where our doctors will check your teeth, gums and facial structure for abnormalities, decay or signs of excessive wear. Our doctor will also conduct an oral cancer screening as well as use radiograph imaging to get a closer look. The initial examination with a new patient will be used to establish a baseline against which future examinations will be compared.

Additionally, our dentist in San Antonio recommends twice yearly dental cleanings and gum cleanings from our hygienist. During these cleanings our hygienist will clean the plaque and tartar away from between the teeth and the area between the teeth and gums. These cleanings help prevent bacteria from starting to decay the teeth and beginning the formation of gingivitis, gum disease. These cleaning are essential for removing plaque and other materials that home brushing can’t remove. Our regular checkup examinations will then be able to spot any change and decay present since the last examination that the cleanings failed to detect, which is why it is so important to repeat the examinations at regular recommended intervals. Please make an appointment with our practice for an examination to begin our preventative program to maintain your oral health.

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